Work From Home 15

Posted by: Dottie Gunstra on Wednesday, March 25th 2020

We’ve all heard about the Freshman 15 where college freshmen getting their first taste of freedom will stay up all hours, eat at all hours, snack at all hours, drink at all hours (soda, of course, they are just freshmen after all) . Presumably, the majority of new freshmen put on an average of 15 pounds that first year.

We, as new work-from-home freshmen, need to be wary of the Work from Home 15. During the new norm of sheltering-in-place, we can’t go to the gym. Even getting outside for a run or 15-minute walk is difficult with our uncooperative Indiana weather. And the temptation to snack every 30 minutes (oh, is that just me!) will easily contribute to the Work from Home 15.

Try to keep on a regular eating schedule and grab a granola bar or an apple for your snack instead of a brownie or a chocolate chip cookie (again, is that just me!). Drink plenty of water. It’s filling, plus you can count the numerous times you have to get up to use the bathroom as steps.

Take time out of your day to do a quick exercise routine. There are a plethora of options just by Googling “15 minute workout” or “15 minute yoga”. Also, the YMCA is offering several free classes @ YMCA 360 On-Demand Videos. There is no shortage of online offerings.

I have my Google Home Assistant playing my favorite radio station while I work. You can also use Spotify or Pandora. Put some background music on and when a headbanging song comes on, get up and dance. Dance like no-one is watching because most likely no-one is.

I like elastic pants as much as the next person, but when this COVID-19 crisis is over and we are all back at the office, let’s not bring the Work at Home 15 with us.