Wellness Dollars Well Spent

Posted by: Grace Pritchett on Thursday, June 23rd 2022

June 23, 2022 – LAFAYETTE, IN.

Henriott group employee, Dakota McKinley, has outshined this year by using her annual wellness dollars for not just personal use, but for community gain.

Henriott Group is an insurance company based in Lafayette, Indiana and prides itself on their team. Every comment coming from either of the co-CEO’s includes their swelling gratitude and recognition of their employees and the people that make their company feel more like a family. Every year, they provide a fund of wellness dollars that employees can use for gym memberships, yoga classes, audio books, exercise equipment, or anything that improves they employee’s personal well-being.

As most employees use their wellness dollars for the above things, McKinley went above and beyond. For the past few months, she has spent time and effort training to be a first responder at Buck Creek Fire Department near Lafayette.

McKinley is in familiar territory since her dad was on the fire department while she was a young girl. She grew to love the people and the work so in high school, she joined the volunteer Junior fire department. She attended college in a different state but then came back to the same community and decided to join the department again.

“I wanted to give back to the community as I watched my dad do for so many years,” said McKinley.

As a first responder, McKinley primarily volunteers on the medical side of things. In the event of a medical emergency, McKinley can be the first on the scene and take vitals while keeping the patient calm and comfortable before the arrival of the ambulance.

McKinley has undergone training for her certifications that include three weeks of classes learning from textbooks and five weeks performing the actions in fake scenarios. After her eight weeks of training, she went in front of a board to be tested and passed all of her practical certifications. She now proudly wears her dad’s previous fire department number and serves the community in emergency medical situations.

Since McKinley is usually showing up to emergency scenes from her home, she decided to invest in personal medical equipment: one of those being a stethoscope. Rather than using her wellness dollars for the typical expenses, she asked for permission to use her wellness dollars for her stethoscope and a hard case for it. McKinley carries this with her every day, even into the Henriott Group office.

“If something were to happen to an employee or a Medicare client, I’m able to jump in and help with some tools on hand,” said McKinley.

All of the staff at Henriott Group is incredibly proud and inspired by McKinley’s actions and bravery. For more information or questions, you can reach Dakota through the following:

E: dmckinley@henriott.com

P: 765-429-5015