The Dreaded Flu & Cold Season...Can You Outrun it?

Posted by: Mindy Paulet on Friday, October 21st 2016

Five Ways to Thrive This Cold & Flu Season

Wouldn’t you love to get through the cold and flu season without either of those maladies? To help you achieve that, Henriott applied the five interconnected elements that shape our overall wellbeing to create these tips for staying cold- and flu-free.

Identified through global research by Gallup and explored in the book Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements by Tom Rath and Jim Harter, the factors focus on purpose, social, financial, physical and community aspects of our lives.

Try Henriott’s Thrive 5 to combat germ invasions:

  1. Make staying healthy your purpose. Plan to keep yourself and your family free from illness by finding ways to interact socially, manage your finances, be active and stay engaged with your community. Remember the boosting-immunity power of getting a good night’s sleep, eating healthy and washing your hands frequently.
  2. Socialize and get hugs. Chronic or long-term stress can weaken your immune system. Carnegie Mellon researchers studied the effect of social support and hugs on the ability to lower infection. They found that participants who reported having greater social support while experiencing conflicts were less likely to catch a cold virus. And hugs were responsible for one-third of the protective effect of social support.
  3. Manage your finances. Money is a major stressor, with some studies reflecting that people with high financial stress feel sick more often. With the holidays approaching, start reviewing your budget now to stay on track and in control of your money.
  4. Prioritize exercise and get outside. Maintain your immunity levels by staying physically active and, when possible, take it outside. During the colder months we tend to stay indoors, which helps spread infections and germs. Let in fresh air when possible, and brave the cold now and then by getting outside to play.
  5. Take care of yourself and your community. Protect yourself, family and coworkers from the spread of viruses. Do that by getting a flu shot, washing your hands (or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer), keeping your surrounding areas clean and sanitized, and staying home when you aren’t feeling well.

Henriott Health & Wellness is here to help, too. We can set up flu clinics, stress management programs and communication campaigns to keep your workplace healthy. To learn more, contact Henriott Group today by emailing Mindy Paulet at