Marci Kuhlman Receives CIC Designation

Posted by: Grace Pritchett on Monday, February 27th 2023

Henriott’s Marci Kuhlman Receives CIC Designation

Henriott’s Commercial Insurance Strategist and esteemed team member, Marci Kuhlman, has recently received her Certified Insurance Counselor’s (CIC) designation. This designation has allowed Kuhlman to further her knowledge of the insurance industry to grow as an individual and to better serve our clients.

The CIC designation is nationally recognized and highly respected for their demonstration of the insurance professional’s expertise within the industry. It represents their commitment to educate themselves in their career industry. More information on this specific designation can be found at

Kuhlman earned this designation by successfully attending five, 16-hour CIC courses and passing five essay-style exams within five years. She started this journey in August of 2019 and completed her final exam in October of 2022.

“After attending each 16-hour class, I had about a week to complete the respective two-hour, essay style, proctored exam and score a 70 percent or better in order to pass,” she said. “That week was spent diligently studying and memorizing as much material as I could in preparation for the exam!”

She noted the patience she had to obtain as she waited four to six weeks to receive her test results. As a testament to her thorough studying and hard-working ethic, she passed all five exams on the first try.

Aside from wanting to learn more about her profession, she also said she wanted to earn this designation to show her commitment to Henriott Group as well as her clients, and to be an asset for them both.

“It is my hope that a CIC designation shows that I am an educated insurance professional and have a strong commitment to serve my clients with the knowledge I have gained and will continue to gain,” said Kuhlman. “I hope that earning this designation shows my credibility when I speak to both my co-workers and clients.”

The rest of the Henriott team celebrates Kuhlman’s victory with her, and the Co-CEOs, Andrew Ball and Kelley Henriott, expressed their pride in her well-deserved designation.

"Marci's desire for personal and professional growth lead her down the path of becoming a Certified Insurance Counselor. The dedication it takes to complete this program can be daunting and time consuming. It was important to her because she knew that this knowledge would not only give her an in-depth understanding of the nuances of the complex risk of our clients but also be able to seek the best solutions to address them. We are proud of Marci's commitment to staying on top of important industry changes and continual awareness of new risks that arise to better protect others. We are proud to support all our team members in their continuing education journeys and devotion to self-improvement."