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I have completed several courses towards a Business degree with Indiana Wesleyan. I hope to complete the degree in the near future.

What other professions have you tried?

Merchandising and marketing for NASCAR driver, Tony Stewart. I was also in marketing at Lafayette Life before they relocated to Cincinnati, OH.

Why did you choose insurance as a profession?

I wasn’t really looking to work in insurance, but I was offered a great opportunity with Lafayette Life and saw the many benefits of insurance and how it helps people when they need it the most. Here at Henriott, I enjoy the servicing aspect of insurance and helping people with their insurance needs.

Why Henriott?

Henriott has an outstanding reputation within the Greater Lafayette community. They really do put their clients first, listen to their needs, and exceed their expectations all of which align with my own principles. I also love the family atmosphere!

What was your favorite TV show growing up?

The Wonder Years

What is your biggest pet peeve?

People who drive slow in the passing lane on the interstate and won’t move over to let others pass.

If you could choose one amenity to add to your workplace, what would it be?

Weekly massages would be amazing!

What’s the one dish you absolutely, positively will never, ever eat?

Rocky Mountain Oysters

If you could close your eyes and be anywhere on earth when they opened, where would you be?

On a beach, toes in the sand with no worries in the world.

Do you play a musical instrument? If so, what?

Yes, Alto Sax

If you could splurge on one must-have item, what would it be?

A housekeeper

If you could go back to any era, which would it be?

I think it would be neat to go back to the late 50’s early 60’s. I love the music, cars, TV programs, and everything seemed to be slow-paced compared to today!

Which superhuman power do you wish you had?

The power to heal.

What is the one thing you have waited in line the longest for?

Probably a ride at an amusement park or a Black Friday deal.

Who did you first see live in concert?

Third Eye Blind and Smash Mouth

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