"Let There Be Light!"

Posted by: Kelley Henriott on Thursday, March 23rd 2017

"Let There Be Light!"

We are fortunate to have Jerie Artz share her works of art with us!
Her exhibit, "Let There Be Light!", can be seen at our office now through the end of April.
If you would like the opportunity to not only SEE her exhibit, but also meet her, she is having a reception at our office on Friday, March 24 from 4pm-6pm!

About the artist:

The photos, pastels and watercolors for the exhibit "Let There Be Light" are matted, framed, labeled, packed, narratives written and hang at Henriott Group through April 2017.

Creating art is such a joy, but after much creative flurry, my studio tends to get a bit crowded with finished pieces, not yet matted or framed. So when I was asked to do a solo exhibit, it was the deadline I needed to get my work organized and ready to share.

After all the prep was completed this past week, I felt there was one more piece to create. The theme for this exhibit came from my recent months of being attracted to painting the light as it transforms even the mundane every day things into glorious gems. It it such a metaphor for what God does in our lives.

For more information on Jerie and her art, visit her at http://jerieartz-artzart.blogspot.com/ or her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/jerie.artz.