jhannen@henriott.com  |  765.429.5006

Relevant professional experience:
  • 25+ years in employee benefits
Why are you in this profession?:
  • My first insurance job was a good opportunity to learn the industry.
Why are you with Henriott Group, Inc.?:
  • It's a good place to work and I like the people!
Significant Other:



My cats Minnow, Doodle & Fifi

What is your most embarrassing moment?:

I conducted an enrollment meeting with orange, misaligned eyebrows

What do you find extremely frustrating?:

People who walk slow....

Best vacation?:


What's the weirdest thing you've even eaten?:

Chicken lung...

What words of wisdom changed your life?:

Don't wait for a travel partner to travel.

Late to bed or early to rise?:


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