Henriott Launches Advanced Healthcare Plan


[Benefits relief for small and mid-sized employers is here] www.advancedhcp.com
Lafayette, Indiana, October 2022 - Henriott launches an Advanced Healthcare Plan for small employers, best suited for employers with 30 -150 employees. Tired of seeing small employers struggle with the cost of healthcare, Henriott has been working diligently for the last several years to bring the tools and techniques commonly used by larger employers to Small & Medium Businesses. For too long, small employers have been restricted to “off the shelf” employee benefits packages that come with a high price tag, lack of transparency and providers that aren’t always aligned with the interests of the organization. By incorporating cutting edge risk management practices and partners that agree to transparency, this plan aligns all interests with the organization, to deliver high quality benefits with improved employee outcomes.
Small employers are the backbone of the U.S. economy and yet they often face some of the most significant headwinds to succeed. With record inflation, record low unemployment, significant worker and skills shortages, healthcare costs are quickly becoming the “straw that breaks the Camel’s back”.
Andrew Ball Co-CEO of Henriott explains why this is such an important step forward.
“Look, healthcare is expensive, I don’t care what country you live in, the reality is that keeping people alive, improving their livelihood, and providing quality care is just expensive, plain and simple. Fundamentally, we took a value stream, or as we call it a healthcare supply chain approach, and simply removed waste from the system. This waste adds cost and doesn’t improve outcomes.”
Chad Burdo, Director of Benefits for Henriott, describes the plan in more detail.
“Using strategies that were once only available to large employers, we were able to bring many of these features downstream to the small and middle market. The large employers historically have had much more control and transparency in their claims spend, pharmacy contracts, and administration partners. The result is a plan that is not only much more affordable for employers and employees but one that is also able to maintain strong benefits with minimal volatility. We are excited to give small and mid-sized employers the same advantages that were only once held by larger employers.”
“This is just another example in the long history of Henriott,” said Kelley Henriott Co-CEO of Henriott, “where we are willing to tackle the difficult problems to keep moving the ball forward for employers”.
The current method of healthcare delivery is falling short of the diverse and specific needs of small businesses in Indiana. Henriott has developed a superior option, that brings choice to employers, enhancements to employees and an alternative to an otherwise restricted market.
For contact:
Chad Burdo: 765.838.8607, cburdo@henriott.com
Jessica Lawrence: 765.838.8613, jlawrence@henriott.com