COVID-19 What are you doing?

Posted by: Gary Henriott on Friday, March 20th 2020

I am sitting at my dining room table attempting to the best of my ability to work at home. Trying to feel like I am being, at least, somewhat productive. Trying to give myself a feeling of having a little control. It’s not working all that well, but, like almost all of us, I will adapt to this new normal.

One thing on my to do list is to sort through all the COVID-19 emails that I am receiving from everyone -from our insurance carriers, to the various associations and trade groups to which we belong, to news and governmental sites we follow. What I am seeing is that some of us are more prepared than others. Some of that, of course, has to do with the role we play in the big picture of our society. Health care at this point in time is at the top of our list of concerns. I was on a conference call yesterday with one of our health care providers and they described their preparation for the coming health care tsunami. Their Incident Command Center has been activated for over a week, there are twice daily calls within their system to share information and to receive the latest updates, they have expanded their physical space to provide additional beds and intake space, they have restricted access to provide protection for their patients and their caregivers, and they are marshaling all the supplies they can find and trying to utilize what they have in thoughtful way. They are prepared- they have planned- they have rehearsed- they are in constant communication and they are ready to go. This is what we, the public, hope they would be able to do and they are now doing it. They are dedicated, professional and well led. We can and should be proud and thankful!

So where are the rest of us mere mortals?? I know that Henriott Group is also ready. We have always thought of ourselves as a part of your team. We are ready for your calls, emails and text messages. As with any industry expert, we certainly do not have all the answers but we will always do our best to be honest and direct with you- if we don’t know we will find an answer, assuming that there are answers to be found. Don’t ask- “when will this be over?”- No one knows. But if we can help with your business insurance or employee benefits or personal insurance protection questions- please give us a chance to help. Call, email or visit our website at If there is anything we can do to make your load lighter at this difficult time, let us try.