Complex Health Care Benefits Hinder Employees

Posted by: Grace McCoy on Friday, January 21st 2022


Many individuals need help making sense of their options when receiving health services. In fact, a recent study from Quantum Health found that 8 out of 10 people said they faced challenges when receiving care. The study also noted that these challenges were worsened by benefits complexity. In other words, confusion toward health benefits can take a toll on employees in the workplace.

According to Quantum Health’s findings, the vast majority of consumers have reported facing hurdles while receiving care during the past two years. These challenges include issues understanding coverage levels, locating providers and navigating the insurance claims process. Issues like these were compounded for individuals with chronic conditions—90% of whom said they faced additional challenges, such as making sense of diagnoses or test results. Here are other main findings from the study:

• Of the majority who experienced health care challenges, 57% of these consumers said they suffered negative impacts from such challenges, including:

  •  Declined mental well-being (19%)
  •  Declined physical well-being (17%)

• The majority (60%) of all respondents said they spent work time dealing with health care challenges, averaging 30 minutes per issue.

• Fewer than half (45%) of respondents said it’s easy to use their health benefits.

• Just 35% of respondents said it’s easy to navigate the health care system.

As the study illuminated, it’s not enough to only provide world-class benefits; employers must also ensure employees can tap into that value by properly educating their workforces. Doing any less can worsen employee well-being, productivity and morale.

Providing quality employee benefits that come with a solid understanding of how they work has proven to:

  •  improve employee financial wellness
  •  contributes to better overall health
  •  shows employees their company cares

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